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Locations, locations, locations

Dane Film – Distinctively suited to open up high-quality commercial real estate locations in New York City to Location Managers and Studios. Dane Film offers its services through unparalleled experience and professionalism in film and television production alongside our extensive background in commercial property buildings and management. We specialize in opening up location opportunities in office buildings, apartment complexes, and other unique situations. Our dedication to the building owner’s and production company’s teams allows us to offer clients a hassle-free experience.

“I’ve been doing location manager work in NYC for more than 15 years and to have Dane Film be able to clear an office building within 24 hours was amazing.”

Tim Stacker | For Netflix and Best Borough Productions

Dane Film takes the headache out of filming in commercial building locations in New York City.

The heart of Dane Film is providing high-quality commercial locations for film, television, commercials and corporate video productions. We support producers and production companies on their shoots in New York City. Our executive team offers a unique blend of backgrounds: commercial property development, management and consultation, extensive film and television production experience, and more. Such credentials provide us a virtually exclusive ability to anticipate needs that arise during filming and to minimize the challenges that can arise when filming in commercial real estate environments. We know how to effectively and efficiently manage activity within properties in order to maximize productivity and minimize, and perhaps even eliminate, any impact on normal building operations. As a result, we are able to open up otherwise difficult buildings to shoot in.

Hosting a film production in an operating commercial building requires a team that understands both the building concerns and the production company’s goals; Dane Film will dispel any anxieties by Landlords. Our staff is on-site at all times to ensure that the film activity doesn’t burden the building as they create a film-friendly environment for every production team. Because we provide and coordinate services to the productions, such as electrical and janitorial services, security, and telecommunication, so each project is almost turn-key. The kind of seamless filming process we offer to production and building management teams is unique in New York. Our success speaks for itself.

We invite you to experience Dane Film locations.

So, if you are looking for a spectacular commercial location in New York City, give Dane Film a call. Our goal is to be an added extension to Location Managers and Production teams by opening up new opportunities in top notch quality buildings. We know you will find value in working with us here at Dane Film!

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