We will show you how to generate incremental income from your real estate holdings.

We create incremental income

Dane Film – Distinctively suited to deliver new revenues and a unique host of benefits to commercial property owners, owner’s tenants, and management teams through location filming. Dane Film offers its services through unparalleled experience and professionalism in film and television production as well as commercial property buildings and management. We specialize in providing properties a new and significant source of revenue throughon-location filming in commercial, institutional and government real estate environments, while maintaining a property management out-look. Our ability to effectively develop and deploy customized protocols and procedures while embracing the efficiencies of new technologies to realize minimal to no disruption of a property’s day-to-day operations, as well as our dedication to providing qualified professionals, allows us to offer clients a hassle-free, revenue-generating experience.

“We were extremely impressed with how quickly Dane Film brought us additional revenue.”

Kirsten Quezambra | Vice President CommonWealth Partners

Dane Film provides a turnkey program of proven success.

Dane Film works with you and your property manager to ensure that a smooth production takes place in a film-friendly environment. We have the experience to anticipate the production needs without unduly stressing the building staff or tenants. With our unique understanding of the intricacies of film production, we supervise all production and make sure your team has full support. We have found that bringing film production into buildings is sometimes seen as burdensome and time consuming. We look to eliminate all of your concerns with the only thing you need to worry about is how to spend the additional income produced.
Dane Film fills the gap between production and property management more efficiently and effectively than any other resource available today. We can deliver all of these fundamentals right to your property.

Our team acts as your full-service:

• Agent
• Project Negotiator
• Production Supervisor
• Accountant
• Marketing Team